03 February 2017

Currently: February 2017

packing: for a quick weekend trip to see my best friend that I haven't seen in over a year! I get to hang out with her and her hubby who I affectionately call HH & meet their *almost* one year old! 

jonesing: for some french toast sticks..which will be happening after I finish this post.  

texting: the aforementioned best friend as well as my study buddy Deb. 

reading: I just finished a Dog's Purpose and am now starting Sweet Cheeks.  

hearting: my new boyfriend George...I got jokes!

05 January 2017

Out with 2016 & in with 2017.

I only took five days into the new year to write up the 2016 recap & 2017 look ahead, so that is progress right?

2016 wasn't that huge/life-changing for me as it was for some people and that's okay, because I still managed to have a pretty great year.

78 times I posted here in 2016. 2017, I hope to post here 100 times.

46 new books were read plus countless re-reads in 2016. 2017, I hope to up that number to 75 new books.

In 2016, I finished the photo-a-day for the first time ever, you can find all of my 2016 daily pictures at #meghananna2k16. #meghananna2k17 is my hashtag for the photo-a-day for this year & my goal is to actually post daily and not have to play catch-up like I did so many times in 2016.

In 2016, I went to 9 concerts. I'm hoping I can make it to that many this year as well!  

Watching my sister get her LPN lit a fire under my butt and on the 10th, I will start school again going for medical coding!

2016 was a good year, 2017 is shaping up to be another great one.

Helene in Between

14 December 2016

The Second Day of Blogging.

I really didn't plan on joining on any 12 days of blogging or blogmas linkup of the sort, but I really loved this prompt, so here we go.

Second Day. Your favorite moment that highlights the true meaning of Christmas (whether that be service or family, or Christ, etc.) 

My Lynn-Mom's parents, so my grandparents, are two of my very favorite people in the world, they come home for the month of December after being in AZ since October and then they go back for the rest of the winter.  That is one of my favorite moments no doubt, getting that first hug after not seeing them for a couple months is always a great feeling.  

Each Christmas Eve, my store closes early, previous years it has been mostly 8pm, but this year it's 6, but I digress. My grandparents, Lynn-Mom and Dad, Mady and Ryan all come to pick me up, which is nice that they all love me so much they can't wait for me to get home, but that's not all they do, oh no, they come in my grandparents van, they have bells and whistles on, one or more of them are standing out the sunroof, I think there may have been cowbell one year, it's amazing! I got Christmas Eve off this year, so this is one tradition that I will miss this year.

I also love the tradition I have with my Momma of going home over her birthday and NYE and spending a couple days playing games and looking back on all the previous year has encapsulated, Christmas always seems to belong to my Dad because he lives where I live, but NYE has belonged to my Momma since I moved out after high school, 

Ultimately though, my favorite moment belongs to Christmas morning, when we all pile in Lynn-Mom and Dad's room to beg for breakfast and talk about our plans for the day. We then get to eat our big breakfast, we settle in the living room upstairs and we each read a portion of the story of Jesus' birth and the events leading up to it out of my parents Bible.  Some years we share about gifts that Jesus has given us as well, where we have to share a gift that we believe Jesus has given another family member that isn't material but a spiritual gift/talent. 

03 December 2016

Hey December.

Let's just pretend that my last post wasn't a November goals post okay? & let's not even talk about the goals that I didn't accomplish. #suchislife

But hey December is here, yay December!

Here are some wonderful things I'm looking forward to in December:

-my grandparents come home in like less than a week, for the rest of the month& that makes me happy, happy, happy #yasyasyas

-my seester graduates nursing school, she'll be an lpn once passes board. Proud sister alert goes to me.

-both my brother Ryan & my mom celebrate birthdays this month, hard to believe my baby brother is going to be 15. WHO TOLD HIM HE COULD GET OLDER?!

-CHRISTMAS. Favorite time of the year. Love our traditions. From the infamous pick-ups that my family pulls off each Christmas Eve to the morning reading of the story of the Birth of Jesus, to our gift card tournament, which last year included air hockey and darts.

I figured I'd share some goals as well:

-figure out my goals for 2017.

-write up my 2016 year in review.

-set a 2017 reading goal.

-read 2 books.

-go visit my mom sometime this month to celebrate Christmas

-pay for my tim&faith ticket.

01 November 2016

November Goals.

Happy November! I hope everyone had a safe and fun night last night! I worked, but got to dress up, so that was fun. I'm starting November with a clean slate & excited to see where this month takes me, but I do have a few goals that I am hoping to accomplish this month

My big goal this month is going to be NaNoWriMo which I've tried with different levels of effort over the past six years, this will hopefully be my year to get it done!

I also have a few secondary goals!

Show up in this space at least once a week, which may not seem like a lot, but because of NaNo, that's all I'm going to aim for.

Read one book a week, which is actually more than what I've been averaging of late, which is quite sad if you ask me.

What's one goal you have for the month of November? Are you participating in NaNo?

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